Artist's Statement

Rooted in a cross-disciplinary approach, my work invokes the surface language of identity through a homo-historic lens. Sculptures, actions,and artworks perform identity from this queer perspective; positing contemporary art, craft, and design as critical transistors that sound the silent presence of gendered spaces, bodies, and minds often hidden from American lineage.  


Dave J Bermingham earned an MDes: Fashion, Body & Garment from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the guidance of contemporary artist, Nick Cave. He previously received a BFA in Fashion Design from Massachusetts College of Art. His multidisciplinary approach to art-making has resulted in bodies of work ranging from found-material sculpture, to performance, to garment and fashion design. These works delve into the relationships, constructs, and iconography that citizens of any culture must navigate in order to surmise a sense of self.

Bermingham was born in Quincy, Massachusetts and considers his youth steeped in the post-colonial and immigrant forged monuments of New England to be the foundation for his continued interest in identity politics. He is co-founder of the Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance and the former Industrial Stitchers Guild. His work has been shown nationally. As drag performer Aquanette Prudence Jones, Bermingham has fallen off many stages in venues ranging from dive-bars to repertory theaters. 

Bermingham currently works as adjunct instructor of fashion design at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA

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